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Trump to release gun control proposals, including background check updates

President Donald Trump will unveil a series of proposals — including suggested changes to background checks — in the coming weeks, according to the White House, following mass shootings in Texas and Ohio.

It remains unclear exactly what Trump will recommend, though, adding little clarity to the president’s confounding remarks on the subject in recent weeks. Trump and his aides on Wednesday would only say that the president will offer ways to close “loopholes” in the background check system, while declining to reveal any details.

The White House did not give a timetable for the proposals — which will likely include other legislation and executive actions addressing domestic terrorism, violent video games and mental health treatment — but suggested that the package would be timed to Congress’s return in early September.

The president received a formal briefing on Tuesday from his staff about the possible options, according to a White House official. Trump has baffled lawmakers and advocacy groups for weeks with his comments on gun control. At times, the president has appeared to want to expand background checks for gun purchasers, but then at other times has emphasized the country’s “very strong background checks” and stressed the need to focus on mental health treatment.

On Wednesday, Trump and multiple White House aides accused several media outlets of inaccurately reporting that Trump had told gun rights advocates he would not push to expand background checks. They noted that while the president has never expressed support for “universal” background checks, he has also not backed away from a commitment to exploring other changes.  [Read More]

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