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Trump’s Gun Rights

Bob Rogers

Fred Guttenberg, father of a Parkland School shooting victim, interrupted a portion of President Trump’s speech regarding protecting the Second Amendment by seemingly blaming the President for the death of his daughter. Guttenberg, who was in the gallery as the guest of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, hollered out his objections, catching Pelosi by surprise. The Speaker then turned towards the area from which Guttenberg protested and, forthrightly, a member of Trump’s security team grabbed Guttenberg by the arm and removed him from the gallery.

Such interruptions have happened many times before over a variety of controversial political issues. Seldom, however, has a President, during his State of the Union speech, been interrupted over his protecting of America’s gun rights. Just the fact that President Trump’s statement to the full congressional audience which included at least four members of the United States Supreme Court, Chief Justice John Roberts, and Justices Elena Kagan, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, was heard, along with Mr. Guttenberg’s screed, by everyone in attendance as well as via national and international television, was seen by gun advocates is a sign that Trump continues to be a pro-gun president. For that, all American gun owners should be thankful.

It should be noted, however, that Mr. Guttenberg’s daughter, Jamie, was among those shot by a fellow student at the school, just one more of the many schools in which other students are caught bringing guns into classrooms. Until education administrators begin focusing on shooters from within their own student body, the chance for more school shootings will continue to prevail. We call our readers’ attention to the section of GunProPlus titled K-12 Gun Headlines that focuses on students who bring guns to school and which can be seen on a daily basis in the right hand column of this publication as well as in its Archives section.

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