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Try Trumping the New Trump Card

When players forget the dealer, the dealer always wins

Steve Comus

Even casual observers of the gun control debate must have their eyes spinning and ears ringing recently as they try to sort out what is what. That is because there are two separate stages in this theatre of the absurd.

On one stage, gun grabbers and other enemies of freedom continue to spew their venom that is laced with lies and partial truths. On the other stage is the soap opera known as the National Rifle Association of America where internal strife seems to be the order of the day.

Showing up in “guest star” appearances on both stages is President Donald Trump, who literally is playing the trump card in both melodramas.

It is sad to see something as serious as personal freedom being compared to soap operas and theatrical presentations, but politics of late have reduced the discussion to that level. Substance in the debate has been replaced with simple noise – loud noise that, as the bard observed: “it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

Yet in the arena of bombasticy (if that is a word), President Trump is a master. The louder the gun grabbers shriek, the better he plays both to his base and to those who otherwise wouldn’t be paying much attention.

Manwhile, muckety-mucks at the NRA seem to be hiding in the wings, essentially forfeiting their historical place at the table of protecting the Second Amendment to the Prez in what is becoming one of the most bizarre role reversals imaginable. Trump, not Wayne La Pierre, effectively has been the face of the NRA lately – the one delivering the traditional NRA message to the masses.

Face it, following the 2016 election, folks bragged or complained that the NRA had put Trump in office. Yet it is turning out to be the opposite – Trump is bailing out the NRA’s bacon, so to speak.

I’ll not try to make a whole lot of sense out of this epic, except to note that Trump went to Washington to drain the swamp, only to find himself bailing out one of his buddies who is being swallowed by the swamp following accusations that he engaged in swamp-like shenanigans.

If nothing else, it is a classic “somebody done somebody wrong song,” but it is difficult to figure out who’s who in the process.

There is one thing consistent throughout, however. It is called the Second Amendment and it still means what it says despite the protestations of those who would deny its relevance.

Knowing that there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that they can confiscate all guns overnight like they really want to do, the mantra of the gun grabbers in recent times has become a familiar refrain: Require “universal” background checks, ban “high-capacity” magazines, rid society of “weapons of war.” They clamber for universal background checks while wanting to ban high-capacity magazines and weapons of war (defining weapons of war to be things like AR and AK variants).

If instituted, universal background checks are nothing more than another step toward universal registration, which is precursor to universal confiscation. Both logic and history show this to be true.

Magazine capacity is something that continues to mystify the objective observer when discussed in the context of gun grabbing. Although some of the mass shootings have involved magazines that hold more than 10 rounds (in recent times, high-capacity magazines have been dubbed as those that hold more than 10 rounds), fact is that the same results could have been achieved with lower capacity magazines.

What we have in this instance is a situation where yes, higher capacity magazines may have been used, but they are really not germane to the discussion. Gun grabbers do that a lot as they attempt to deceive the masses.

The whole “weapons of war” thing may sound sinister to the uninformed, but for me it is more a question of what is a weapon of war? Certainly, the civilian versions of the AR and AK variants are not weapons of war. But what do the gun grabbers care about misidentifying something if it serves their subversive purposes?

Face it, the strategy of the gun grabbers all along has been to confuse their issues in ways that make it look like the sky is falling. And that is what makes the Trump Factor so interesting.

The President has a knack for injecting things into conversations that confuse, confound and frustrate his detractors – in other words, he is beating them at their own game, and doing so decisively.

Trump does as afterthoughts what the pro-gun forces have been trying to do for decades – change the narrative of anti-gun discussions in ways that put detractors into argumentative tailspins, babbling like the true idiots they really are.

Pro-gun forces have attempted to approach the emotional gun debate with facts and truths. That’s nice, but emotion cannot be countered with logic. What Trump has done, in his off-the-wall responses, is to escalate the emotional drivel of the antis in ways that point out exactly how extreme and unreasonable they really are.

In other words, he has engineered situations in which the antis do more damage to their credibility than pro-gun forces ever could hope to do. It is the equivalent of debate judo.

Why are such argumentative gyrations important since they cannot alone win the fight? Simple. They derail the intensity of the misinformation long enough to allow reason to be injected into the fray.

As much as such things are interesting to watch, the truth is that the war the antis have waged against freedom lovers will be won or lost on its merits. This means that everyone must toe the line and remain true to the cause. Otherwise, all of the argumentative theatrics and acrobatics in the world won’t amount to squat.

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