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Turkey Calling/Hunting VIDEOS

Turkey Calling: Greatest Mistake of Calling Hens. How to Call Turkeys. 1:50 min.

Turkey Calling Tips are perhaps a dime and dozen. Many turkey calling gurus have all sorts of theories on how to call turkeys; and that’s what makes turkey calling and turkey hunting so much fun – there’s a ton of approaches you can take when turkey calling.

Calling Turkeys off the Roost 2:25 min.

There’s nothing like witnessing the world come alive while sitting at the base of a tree near a turkey roost, Will and Brad, explain some interesting tactics to get that tom to glide down to your side of the roost.

Gobblers Spitting and Drumming – Calling All Turkeys 3:03 min.

A compilation of gobblers spitting and drumming while displaying for the hen turkeys.

Hunting Wild Turkey in the Spring vs. Fall 3:05 min.

A comparison of the differences between hunting for wild turkeys in the spring and the fall, and advice for each season, including how to use your calls. Includes the National Wild Turkey Federation’s formula for scoring turkeys.

Late Evening Turkey Hunt 3:25 min.

With very little time before the birds get to roost, we make a last minute move to cut two toms off.

Spring Turkey Hunt! Bow Hunting Spring Turkeys From a Blind! 3:01 min.

This video takes you on a spring turkey bow hunt during turkey hunting season. Hunting spring turkeys with a bow in a blind during turkey season is something I really like to do.

Michigan Spring Turkey Hunt 4:17 min.

Alvin and Roslyn share their first successful spring turkey hunt together on public land in northern Michigan.

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