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Turkey Calling VIDEOS

Can you Turkey Call Like a Pro? 3:11 min.

Cabela’s Outfitter demonstrates how to cut, cluck and cackle using a reed turkey call.

Cluck and Purr Hen Turkey Calling, 2:10 min.

If you want to know what turkeys sound like when they are close, watch this clip. A hen at daylight walked right up to the camera clucking and purring. She walks a few yards away and then just clucks, looking for the other hen. Nothing like turkeys in the timber.

Josh Grossenbacher Turkey Calling | Audio Sequence, 1:30 min.

Putting the calls together demonstrates the variety of turkey emotions, warnings, desires and in-kind conversations that help making turkeys special.

Calling Turkeys off the Roost, 2:25 min.

There’s nothing like witnessing the world come alive while sitting at the base of a tree near a turkey roost, Will and Brad, explain some interesting tactics to get that tom to glide down to your side of the roost.

Turkey Calling Fighting Purr, 3:30 min.

Ryan Greathouse with Livin It Up Outdoors shows and explains how to perform a fighting purr with a diaphragm turkey call.

Calling Turkeys with Steven Rinella, Joe Rogan, and Bryan Callen, 3:01 min.

MeatEater host Steven Rinella teaches comedians Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen how to call in wild turkeys.

From Practice to Perfection, 2:26 min.

And the Result of all that Practice: Prepare to get Fired Up for Turkey Season.

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