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Turkey Hunting VIDEOS

Turkey Calling: Greatest Mistake Of Calling Hens. How To Call Turkeys. 1:50 min.

Turkey Calling Tips are perhaps a dime a dozen. Many turkey calling gurus have all sorts of theories on how to call turkeys and that’s what makes turkey calling and turkey hunting so much fun – there’s a ton of approaches you can take when turkey calling.

A Decoy Setup That Works – Calling All Turkeys 2:36 min.

Hunting turkeys with decoys is a combination art and science, and according to Calling All Turkeys host, Shane Simpson, many hunter’s deploy decoy setups that lack the natural look necessary to lead to success.

Turkey Hunting: Two Mistakes Made When He Gobbles 3:42 min.

Turkey hunting and how to call turkeys is important, but too often turkey hunting, or better yet, taking a turkey out of the woods, is determined by what you do in the set up phase.

Turkey Hunting Bad Weather: How To Turkey Hunt Stormy Days 6:42 min.

Turkey hunting and bad weather seemingly don’t mix well, but it just isn’t true. This turkey hunt shares (2) key truths on how to hunt turkeys when bad weather rolls into your area.

When Distance Matters In Turkey Hunting – Spring Chronicles 10:28 min.

Today on Sportsman Channel, Jason Cruise, the host of Spring Chronicles, comes face to face with The Boss bird, but the close encounter doesn’t end so close at all. What was shaping up to be the ultimate turkey hunt comes down to ballistics. Finding the perfect turkey hunting weapon is not easy. Many turkey hunters today simply do not pattern their gun. Turkey hunting and conservation at large benefits when a turkey hunter disciplines himself to know the full capability of his turkey shotgun. You’re about to see why.

Spring Chronicles: A Turkey Hunter’s Nightmare 5:43 min.

Watch this short segment of Spring Chronicles and you’ll see a tactic that, if you can ever make yourself do it, then you’ll find that it can pay off. Often. It took me years to try it. Now, it’s my go-to move when a tom hangs up.

Early Season Turkey Hunting : HUGE BOSS TOM Tactics 9:03 min.

Early season turkey hunting can be frustrating. A HUGE tom takes a beating in this turkey hunting video as Jason Cruise of Mossberg’s Rugged American Hunter showcases the best turkey hunting tip of all: patience.

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