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Turkey Hunting VIDEOS

Fall Turkey Hunting Tips, 2:12 min.

Nobody knows wild turkeys better than Steve Hickoff. He’s got some great fall turkey hunting tips on The Sporting Chef TV show.

Fall Turkey Hunting: Scatter The Flock Right, 2:15 min.

Realtree.com turkey hunting guru Steve Hickoff explains the art of scattering a fall turkey flock.

Turkey Hunting with a Bow? Here Are 4 Shot Scenarios & Where to Aim, 2:42 min.

Right in the pooper! Yes, that is one place you may have to aim. Rated Red’s Josh Wimberley walks you through three others.

Turkey Hunting Blind & Decoy Placement, 3:04 min.

Colorado Turkey Hunting 101 provides a basic overview of turkey hunting blind and decoy placement.

Most Exciting Way to Hunt Turkeys: Mojo Scoot-n Shoot Turkey Decoy, 2:40 min.

The Scoot N Shoot is Mojo’s Revolutionary new turkey decoy that allows the hunter to participate in the most effective and exciting way to hunt turkeys. It is a Boss Gobbler Decoy with built in handle and ground stake.

Turkey Decoy Strategies: When to use a jake decoy, 2:46 min.

Introducing a subordinate bird who looks like he’s got a hen all to himself will really tick off a tom. The jake/hen combo is a great setup that is both safe and aggressive.

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