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Turkey Hunting VIDEOS

Arizona Gould’s Turkey Hunting 2016, 2:54 min.

Jay Schopfer of Pennsylvania drew a coveted Arizona Gould’s turkey tag. Arizona Guided Hunts turkey Guide Pat Feldt called in this big Gould’s gobbler to 15 yards. The winds blew at 40-50mph for 3 days, which made hunting difficult. It turned into an exciting hunt when the winds finally died down.

IMPULSE 5 – Wyoming Merriam’s Turkey Hunting, 3:30 min.

When turkey season ended in Mississippi, Mossy Oak’s Jake Meyer cures his turkey season blues from the Southeast by hunting Merriam’s in northeast Wyoming.

Florida Osceola Turkey Hunting, 3:50 min.

Our first morning of turkey hunting in 2019 started off with a BANG! Nicole was up to bat and had a long-spurred gobbler coming in within minutes of setting up.

Ocellated Turkey strutting his stuff – Chan Chich Lodge, BELIZE, 2:37 min.

Ocellated Turkey strutting his stuff. Between the beautiful feathers, blue head with orange decoration, crazy dance and exotic gobble this rare bird is a sight to see.

Texas-Rio Grande Turkey 2019, 3:35 min.

On this windy afternoon in north Texas, we set up along an old dirt road intersection near a small pond on this cattle ranch. After a few hours of waiting mixed with some sporadic calling, we had an old gobbler slip in to check things out.

Arizona Gould’s Turkey Hunting Compilation, 2:53 min.

This is a compilation of our Gould’s turkey hunting with turkey guide Pat Feldt of Arizona Guided Hunts.

Thanksgiving Turkey, 1:00 min.

Chances are a turkey will land on your table this week. The Missouri Department of Conservation wants to help you to discover nature and learn about this bird simmered in American tradition.

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