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Turkey Hunting VIDEOS

Turkey Hunting For Beginners – Episode 1 – Series Introduction  6:36 min.

In this we share some of our early experiences. This episode sets up the series and provides a good foundation for new turkey hunters. We learned the hard way, had to find mentors and help from others. This series is designed to start you off on the right track.

Turkey Hunting 101: What you need to know! 8:48 min.

In this episode of Turkey Hunting 101, we go over the gear that we use and recommend for turkey hunting.Turkey Hunting can be tough. The two biggest tips we can give you for turkey hunting would be: 1. Scout. It is very important to know the general location of your turkeys. 2. Practice calling. Make sure you put in the time practicing and learning your turkey calls. You need to know what call to use in different turkey hunting situations. This is just part one of this series, we will be bring you more turkey hunting tips along the way.

Cabela’s Spring Thunder | Tips for Locating Pre-Season Gobblers  13:55 min.

Scouting is an essential part of being a successful turkey hunter. We’ll update you on current gobbling activity from South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia, and also explain the areas to focus on during the early part of the turkey hunting season.

CRAZY Hunt With Huge Turkey At 10 Steps  7:35 min.

Once again Real Outdoors TV host, Matt Wettish, teams up with pro staffer Dave Griser and runs in to another crazy mishap while in the spring turkey woods. It seems these two always have something going on to make things a little more difficult.

Turkey Hunting – 3 Yards  2:57 min.

This hunting was broadcasted LIVE! Yes in real time. Download the FREE app at www.ononeproductions.com to watch live hunting and fishing.

Killed My First Turkey!!! – Spring Turkey Hunting in Nebraska 2017  14:15 min.

So I flew from California to Nebraska and woke up the next day to go turkey hunting for the very first time. Turkey hunting was an experience like no other and I can’t wait to do it again next year!

Sarah Shoots 18 inch Double Bearded Turkey With a Bow! Bowmar Bowhunting  11:46 min.

Missouri monster gobbler down!! By far the biggest bearded turkey we’ve ever seen in our life! What a great turkey hunt with a bow.

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