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Turkey Hunting/Calling Videos

Turkey Calls And Turkey Calling: How To Master The Yelp. How To Use Mouth Calls. 12:15 min.

This is beyond basics of turkey calling tips. Turkey calls are wide in variety. Mouth calls dominate much of turkey calling, and in this video on how to call turkeys, Jason Cruise, host of Mossberg’s Rugged American Hunter series, you will learn turkey calling tips that are focused on one major foundation: the plain yelp of a hen.

Turkey Hunting Bad Weather: How To Turkey Hunt Stormy Days 6:42 min.

Turkey hunting and bad weather seemingly don’t mix well, but it just isn’t true. This turkey hunting video shares (2) key truths on how to hunt turkeys when bad weather rolls into your area.

Turkey Hunting Nightmare: What Do You Do Next? 4:08 min.

Turkey hunting has mind bending moments. This video confronts every turkey hunter’s worst nightmare and the very thing they seek when they go to the woods: what do you do when the strutter is just out of range?

Turkey Calling: Why Position Matters As Much As Calling 5:12 min.

Many hunters call at turkeys. To be a craftsman, a turkey hunter most know effective turkey calling methods. In this turkey hunting video, you’re going to look at the craft of position in relation to when to call at a tom.

Turkey Hunting: Two Mistakes Made When He Gobbles 3:42 min.

Turkey hunting and how to call turkeys is important, but too often turkey hunting, or better yet, taking a turkey out of the woods, is determined by what you do in the set up phase.

A Decoy Setup That Works – Calling All Turkeys 2:36 min.

Hunting turkeys with decoys is a combination art and science and, according to Calling All Turkeys host, Shane Simpson, many hunter’s deploy decoy setups that lack the natural look necessary to lead to success.

One Call Away 6:39 min.

The Winchester Life crew — Paul Sawyer, Chris Keefer, Casey Keefer, Nikki Boxler and Taylor Drury — head to the Michigan timber to welcome wild turkey season. Casey, Nikki and Taylor have a slow morning, while Paul, Chris and longtime friend Shad Woodruff catch sight of strutting longbeards.

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