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YOUR TURN – September 20, 2017 – Is 3D Printing Airsoft Guns a Reality?

Editor’s Note: Your Turn is a feature wherein we provide space for readers to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions which are their own and not necessarily those of GunProPlus.

By Michael Kellar — As an airsoft passionate and a 3D printing aficionado, I can’t complain with regards to the wonderful technological times we’re living. I am at the perfect crossroad between technology and airsoft popularity! With the technological development that happened in the last decade, 3D printers stopped being the Unicorn of technology and became readily available to domestic users. The prices are just right (and still dropping) and you only need a bit of skill and imagination to print your own crazy ideas. Speaking of crazy ideas, how about printing your own BB gun and accessories?   [full article] 

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