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Two-Gun Hipsters

The gunfight for the Washington Corral is just beginning

Bob Rogers

Clearly, when American voters trudge to the polls November 3, 2020 many if not most will focus on the philosophical conundrum of the left and the right. While there are many other issues that will drive the election, there’s only one issue – gun control versus gun rights – that will have without argument equal representation. From the right hip comes President Donald John Trump.  From the left hip stands Mike Bloomberg. Guns are the common denominator for both men.

While it is too early to officially state that Bloomberg will be the Democratic nominee, the potential for a head-to-head matchup over guns is too sweet to just buzz off. Any president will always find him/herself beset by a smorgasborg of national and global issues that require constant vigilance. But no other issue is as well matched up in a “versus” contest as anti-gun Bloomberg against pro-gun Trump. Bloomberg has declared gun control as the central reason for his presidential pursuit.

Both men are billionaires and the rank and file voters from each party have accepted financial richness as the new qualifier for lordship over the gun issue. The NRA backed Trump with $30 million in 2016. Bloomberg says he’ll spend $150 million of his own $42.1 billion (according to independent research firm Wealth X) to assure his election as the country’s gun control czar. Trump’s Wealth X bankroll is a bit more modest at just $4.4 billion. Both men are serving without taking a government “salary” and to a significant degree self-fund their campaigns.

The shootout, if and when it comes, may finally establish the constitutional perameters of the Second Amendment. Gun rights supporters remain confident that the Supreme Court will at some point decide a case that will clear the muddy firearms landscape of the overweening weight of complex and rarely thought-out (except when intentional) multiple state and municipal gun regulations that threaten to ball-up and keep them in courts forever.

Currently, the federal bench has seen as many as 187 new judges appointed by Trump and seated in various court districts around the country, more by this point in his presidency than any president in recent history. Regardless of the outcome of the 2020 election, those judges will help secure the basic tenets of the 2A forever more. Additionally, there is still a chance for Trump to nominate at least one more judge to the Supreme Court before he leaves office.

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