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TX – GUN CRIME – What We Know About the Austin BLM Protest Shooting

On Saturday night in Austin, Texas, a Black Lives Matter protester named Garrett Foster was shot and killed after a chaotic altercation with a motorist who apparently tried to aggressively drive past marching protesters in a downtown intersection. Foster was openly carrying an AK-47 rifle during the protest, which is legal to do in Texas. Austin Police announced on Sunday night that the driver said that he fired on Foster after he pointed his rifle at his car, while some witnesses have said Foster did not. The driver and another shooter, who fired on the car as it drove away, were questioned and released by police, but the law-enforcement investigation is ongoing. Below is everything we know so far. According to Austin police and witnesses, shortly before 10 p.m. local time, Black Lives Matter protesters were marching through the intersection of Fourth Street and Congress Avenue when an unidentified motorist honked their horn and then turned aggressively through the intersection — while protesters were still in it — and abruptly stopped. In a livestreamed video shot by independent journalist Hiram Gilberto Garcia, some of the protesters can be seen converging on the vehicle, at which point a man can be heard shouting, “Everybody back up!” Five gunshots can then be heard, prompting the protesters to scream and run for cover. Soon after, three additional gunshots can then be heard, and sound like they came from a different weapon than the first round of gunfire. In another video, the car can be seen driving away after the shooting: When it was over, Garrett Foster, a 28-year-old white man marching in the protest with his disabled fiancée, was laying on the ground with multiple gunshot wounds in a pool of blood. Foster was carrying an AK-47 rifle while he marched, as fellow protesters say he often did as a regular participant, along with his fiancée, during the ongoing protests against police brutality in the city. Texas is an open-carry state where it is not uncommon to see protesters from across the political spectrum carrying firearms at demonstrations. According to state law, open carry is legal as long as it is not done “in a manner calculated to alarm.” Medics performed CPR on Foster at the scene, but he was pronounced dead after being transported to Dell Seton Medical Center.  [full article]

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