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TX – GUN POLITICS – A sportsman’s take on the presidential election

Every 4 years during the elections I have always given a perspective on the candidates from the standpoint of those of us who enjoy outdoor pursuits such as hunters and fishermen. Each person has certain things that they deem more important than others and its those things that help shape the way they vote on certain issues and or candidates. Obviously for me the stance of a candidate regarding things such as the second amendment, public lands and usage as well as environmental issues are high on my list. Using factors such as those mentioned its hard to deny the fact that our President, Donald Trump, is easily the clear choice of those who hunt, fish, and enjoy the outdoors. Easily the most volatile subject concerning outdoorsmen is the second amendment stance that each candidate has taken. President Trump is huge proponent of the second amendment and has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association and a wide range of law enforcement agencies as well. Joe Biden on the other hand has made it very clear that he wants to take away gun owners rights and is willing to do a variety of things to accomplish that goal. One of those tactics involves an enormous tax imposed on ammunition, gun magazines, firearms, and parts. Biden has enlisted failed presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke to be the one to “go after the guns”. Biden’s ultra left supporters would like nothing better than to disarm citizens and virtually destroy the second amendment in the process. Biden condemned the actions of armed citizens who prevented mass shootings in churches and other public gatherings by saying “they should not have weapons in any of those places”. The choice between the candidates on this issue is beyond crystal clear for anyone who enjoys the shooting sports.  [full article]

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