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TX – GUN RIGHTS – Texas is one of the most gun friendly states. These county officials want to keep it that way.

For nearly a dozen years, the routine has been the same for Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds. A constituent or two would approach him convinced that the federal government was coming for their guns and that he would help them. Deeds would do his best, one at a time, to reassure his neighbors that wasn’t the case. Then Beto O’Rourke, the former Texas congressman and onetime presidential candidate, promised that if he were elected to the nation’s highest office, he really would confiscate military-style assault weapons. Folks in Hood County, which sits about 90 minutes southwest of Dallas, freaked out. So, Deeds began researching his options and learned that cities and counties across the country were declaring themselves sanctuaries for gun owners and fierce defenders of the Second Amendment. Since the fall, nearly 20 Texas counties have adopted similar resolutions, according to the conservative news website The Texan. The latest — and so far, the most populous — is Collin County, which adopted its resolution Nov. 25. The counties — including Hood, Ellis, and Palo Pinto — represent a tiny fraction of local governments in Texas. And yet these same counties are part of a national movement. Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions, as they’re often called, have been passed in counties and cities in Colorado, Virginia and Illinois, where its believed the movement got its start, among other states. They’re a symbolic reaction by mostly conservative local elected officials and law enforcement officials to tighter gun control laws established by Democratically controlled state legislatures.  [full article]

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