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TX – GUN SAFETY – Texas law prohibits domestic abusers with protective orders from having guns. What happens after? Not much. (VIDEO)

HOUSTON — WARNING: Some of the video shown above and below may be difficult to watch, as it contains audio of a 911 call from a domestic violence survivor. Viewer discretion is advised.

Domestic violence victims often suffer alone, hiding the ugly, the painful, from family, friends, police and even themselves. We first met “Samantha” in January of 2020. Six years had passed since her divorce, but some fear still lingers. “Samantha” isn’t her real name. It’s safer this way for many reasons, including, she says, because he’d threatened her with a loaded shotgun in the past. “There were red flags from the beginning that I didn’t notice, because I just was ignorant, and I just didn’t know,” Samantha told us. Samantha was married to her husband for 19 years. “An abuser will use whatever tactic they need to keep power and control over you,” she said. “Sometimes they need physical abuse, sometimes threats or fear or embarrassment.” “As a Christian woman, I didn’t believe in divorce,” Samantha added. “I mean, you just make it work, because you don’t want to put your kids through that.”

“Why did I stay? I guess, I guess I thought I had to, and once I realized I didn’t have to, it was a game changer,” Samantha said. It took months to leave, file for divorce and get a protective order against her husband, which prohibited him from possessing or carrying a firearm or ammunition. “He was in possession of guns and ammunition the whole time during the protective order, so it’s just a piece of paper. It didn’t matter,” Samantha said.  [full article]


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