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TX – GUN SAFETY – WATCH: Graphic Video Shows Texas Kid’s Reaction After Finding Unsecured Gun (VIDEO)

There were five kids admitted to Cook Children’s Medical Center, with gunshot wounds, this past weekend. Health workers there say they can’t ever remember seeing so many injuries involving weapons and young people in such a short time period. The shootings left a 4-year-old boy dead and a 6-year-old fighting for his life after being shot in the head with a rifle. “These are all injuries that are very preventable and we want to be able to bring that to folks and let them know there are ways to be able to keep your children safe,” said Dr. Daniel Guzman with Cook Children’s. Long before the recent rash of child shootings Cook Children’s started the Aim for Safety program, an initiative meant to help adults protect children from accidental shootings. According to officials at the hospital, in Texas there were at least 26 children, from newborns to 11-years-old, who were accidentally killed in 2017 because of an improperly stored gun. Their website says, “One out of every three homes with children in the U.S. has a gun. In Texas, 36% of adults have a household firearm, and over 199,000 children currently live with unlocked loaded firearms in their home.” The Aim for Safety program also offers parents an opportunity to find out, firsthand, what their child would do after discovering a firearm. Parents look at their children through a one-way glass as a group of children are taken into a waiting area filled with seating areas and toys. The kids are instructed that computers in the room “are not to play with” but given no other restrictions.  [full article]

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