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TX – Home Defense – Texas Homeowners Fight Off Intruder Attack

PR NET- National Carry Academy March 17, 2017 – In Cherokee County, 911 received a call from a woman, saying a man broke into her home and that she shot him. She told the dispatchers that the burglar was still inside her house, and that her husband had detained him. When the sheriff deputies arrived, they located the suspect, who was taken to East Texas Medical Center in Tyler.

They discovered that the burglar broke in through a front door and confronted several people inside. The woman’s husband got home soon after the burglar broke in, and was attacked outside the back door. 17Mar17 CrimeSceneTape

The men fought for several minutes before her husband broke free and ran back into the house, locking the back door behind him.

The woman told the burglar to stop, but he continued to fight her husband. She fired one shot at the burglar, knocking him to the floor. She handed her husband the gun and stayed on the phone with 911. Charges will be filed against the man for burglary of a habitation with intent to commit assault.

But not until after a lengthy and expensive investigation. An attorney for a self defense case can cost well over $20k.

Do you know the details of the laws surrounding protecting yourself using deadly force? Taking into account everything that can happen after you pull that trigger having the proper legal protection in place is so vitally important.

That’s where Firearms Legal Protection comes in.

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