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TX – HUNTING – A Gift To Remember: The Right Gun Is Still A Good Present For A Young Hunter

They are an aged-old question I have probably been asked a hundred times over the years. How old should a kid be when they get their first gun, and what is the best caliber or gauge to start them with? Of course, the question often comes up around Christmas because for some kids the gift of a shotgun brings a lifetime of memories. I know that seems odd to those leery of guns, hunting or both, but it is a tradition that is probably as old as Christmas in this country. I am not going to debate the merits of hunting, but teaching a youth how to bring home food, the importance of conservation to maintain wildlife, the bonding time with family and the other life lessons gained from hunting are still good things in my mind. I went through the same dilemma of when and what with my sons Tristan and Thomas. In a way they were the guinea pigs for my answers over the years, and they are answers I still give today. As for when, my answer does not involve a year. It all revolves around maturity, both mentally and physically. The physical part is obvious. It doesn’t do a young potential hunter any good to give them a gun if they are not big enough to handle it. They are not going to be accurate or safe if they struggle to lift a shotgun to shoot it. Now days there are a number of lockdown tripods that can be used with rifles making the young hunter steadier while aiming, but again if they cannot reach the trigger with the gun shouldered, or effectively see through the scope, what is the point.  [full article]

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