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TX – HUNTING – Deer hunting not all about antlers

About this time last year, I took one of the largest free-ranging whitetail bucks of my life with my Texan big bore air rifle on the Dale River Ranch, situated on the Brazos River in Palo Pinto County. I dearly love hunting this area and have through the years amassed a storehouse of great memories here, both hunting and fishing with my friend Randy Douglas, the manager of the ranch. We’ve had some fine times during my visits which usually include some camp cooking centered around fresh fish landed from the river or a stock pond, venison or wild pork.  This is ‘game rich’ country in general and, thanks to a great management/harvest plan by my friend Randy Douglas, The Dale River Ranch provides the hunter the very real opportunity to harvest deer, turkey, wild hogs and even Red Stag. This past week, I had a couple of days free and planned a short hunt with Randy. In years past, I would set up a Spartan tent camp on the banks of the Brazos but these days, I opted to use Randy’s camper as headquarters. The little camper makes a much better headquarters than the tent, especially in the winter time.  The ranch has a very fine lodge for guests but I enjoy using the camper as headquarters. It reminds me of many past hunting camps…rustic but plenty comfortable considering one remembers to bring the necessities, ie. a warm sleeping bag, propane heater and electric lanterns. The stars are never as brilliant as on a cold clear winter’s night up in this country. Randy and I hunted one afternoon and again the next morning. My goal was to put some venison in the freezer. If one of the bruiser bucks gave me the opportunity, I planned to put my Texan 45 caliber big bore air rifle to work but the first mature spike buck or any legal buck with age qualified for my venison quest.  [full article]

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