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TX – HUNTING – Hunting season begins this Saturday with solid outlook

The Texas Hill Country draws in big game hunters from around the United States due to its successful harvest and the 2020-2021 season will be no different, according to the Texas Park and Wildlife Department. Well distributed and timely precipitation across much of Texas in the spring, along with positive long-term growth among the state’s white-tailed deer population, has set the stage for a favorable 2020-21 hunting season, said Alan Cain, White-tailed Deer Program Leader at TPWD. General rifle season for turkey and deer starts Saturday, Nov. 7, and runs through Sunday, Jan. 3, 2021. The archery-only season in the designated North Zone (to which Gillespie County belongs) for turkey and deer ends on Friday. It runs from Oct. 3-Nov. 6. A second youth-only hunting weekend, for those licensed hunters 16 years of age or younger, is planned Jan. 4-17, 2021. (The first was held this past weekend, Oct. 31-Nov. 1.) A special late season during which harvests are restricted to antlerless deer and spikes, runs simultaneously to the late youth-only season, from Jan. 4-17, 2021. Spring rains allowed many regions of the state, including South Texas, Edwards Plateau and areas west to recover from last year’s very dry fall and winter, leading to an abundance of quality forbs and shrubs, both of which are critical for deer nutrition. These conditions have lent to a good start to antler growth and positive outlook for fawn recruitment numbers. TPWD biologists estimate that the state’s deer population is around 5.5 million deer, or a density of 49.25 deer per 1,000 acres. However, that density is not uniform across the state and those areas with better habitat tend to support higher deer populations.  [full article]

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