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TX – HUNTING – Nighttime is the right time for hog hunting

Wild hogs that receive little hunting pressure can often be hunted successfully at all hours of the day but put a bit of pressure on wild porkers and they are quick to become almost entirely nocturnal. Ask any veteran hog hunter when he has taken the majority of his hogs and chances are very good he will say, ‘during the last thirty minutes of daylight, just before dark.” After several months of deer hunters spending time in the woods, hogs become more pressured than ever this time of year. There are very few hard and fast rules when it comes to hunting hogs, they are a nomadic critter, often here today and gone tomorrow but one thing is for sure. If they know where there is a corn feeder slinging corn, they simply cannot resist the golden kernels. They WILL be there but probably after darkness falls and to be successful, hunters must have some method of seeing and shooting them at night. For many years, I’ve used bow or rifle mounted red or green lights for my night hog hunting and this method is still effective but for the past several years, I have used my digital scopes for nighttime hunting. Through the course of the year, I get many inquiries about what I consider the best scopes to use for night hunting. Without question, my answer is thermal. Thermal scopes register the heat signature an animal creates and is capable of showing the hog’s image even through brush. I’ve hunted with the Pulsar Trail thermal scope on several occasions and loved it but when it comes to scoping my own hunting rifle, I opted for a Wraith digital scope.  [full article]


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