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TX – Industry Insider – Cabela’s Former CEO Thomas Millner Joins TrackingPoint as Special Advisor to the Board of Directors

PR NET January 17, 2018 – TrackingPoint, Inc. announced today that it has welcomed Tommy Millner, former CEO of retail giant Cabela’s, as a special advisor to TrackingPoint’s Board of Directors. Millner served as CEO of the Nebraska-based Cabela’s for almost 9 years. Prior to Cabela’s, he spent 14 years as president and CEO of North Carolina’s Remington Arms Company.

“TrackingPoint’s direction in combining precision technology in a day-view optic is a game-changer for shooting and hunting sports,” Millner said.  “They have continuously improved the optics technology since 2011, and I believe that with the right strategy and partnerships, TrackingPoint will emerge as the leader in precision optics.”

Ken D’Arcy, TrackingPoint’s CEO, President, and Chairman of the Board said that TrackingPoint’s products and technology are much better positioned now for such a move than it was, even as recent as 2 years ago.  “We’re in the right place today with our technology development, and Tommy’s reputation and expertise in the market are second to none. He’s the right person at the right time to assist in the evolution of  TrackingPoint.”

For more information about TrackingPoint, visit www.tracking-point.com.

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