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TX – LE – Texas DPS releases footage of troopers fatally shooting armed man after traffic stop (VIDEO)

Videos released by the Texas Department of Public Safety on Tuesday show that a 27-year-old man shot by two troopers after a traffic stop last summer was holding a gun. The footage comes from the body camera and dashboard camera of two troopers who stopped Schaston Hodge on Aug. 17, 2019, in South Dallas. They began pursuing him after he failed to signal a left turn and led the troopers on a brief chase. The pursuit ended when troopers followed him into his grandmother’s driveway, and the situation escalated quickly. As Hodge gets out of his car, he is seen holding a gun. At that point, shots are fired and he falls. The DPS troopers involved were identified as Joshua Engleman and Robert Litvin. Both were placed on paid leave following the shooting. In November, a grand jury declined to indict them. It is unclear whether they have returned to work. The release of three videos comes after The Dallas Morning News first reported the details of Hodge’s autopsy on Friday, which showed he was shot 16 times.  [full article]

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