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TX – OPINION – Gun control proposals wouldn’t prevent violence. They’d only burden lawful gun owners (VIDEO)

With high-profile gun violence incidents such as those in Odessa, El Paso, Santa Fe and Sutherland Springs fresh in the minds of Texans, the call for policymakers to “do something” has steadily grown louder. From the expansion of background checks to the regulation of magazines or outright confiscation, everyone seems to have an idea of what policy interventions can stop these troubling events from happening again. But the truth is that none of the policies are likely to have a meaningful impact. The very reason these horrific acts capture the national spotlight is how relatively rare public manifestations of visceral carnage have become in recent years. Across all per capita metrics, gun violence has been falling in Texas. The state’s firearm homicide rate is 25 percent lower than two decades ago. The rifle homicide rate, specifically, is down 63 percent across the same period, and the shotgun homicide rate is down more than 70 percent. Even the rate of aggravated assaults in which a firearm is used has been cut almost in half. While these figures are a hollow comfort to the victims of gun violence and their families, the silver lining is that the likelihood of being victimized by a criminal with a firearm — of any type used in any way — is far lower today than in any time in recent memory. Yet calls to “do something” persist. It’s understandable, given the visceral nature of these crimes and the political hay that is being made of them. But the policies proposed thus far have not been shown to have a demonstrable effect where they’ve been enacted. Moreover, many of the proposals that have been floated recently would directly infringe on the right to bear arms and self-defense as explicitly enumerated in the United States and Texas constitutions.  [full article]

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