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TX – OPINION – Inside a Kingwood gun shop, no judgments. Just listening and learning.

The soft-spoken gun shop employee minces no words as he addresses a huddle of six women, some wearing bright red T-shirts from Moms Demand Action.

“In Texas, everybody owns a gun. Everybody does,” Kyle Ondrasek says as he stands near a display case at Kingwood Guns. “It’s just engraved in our DNA.” The women nod. That’s what they expect to hear every time they set up a table in Kingwood Town Center or at local community events for their organization, which advocates for common sense gun laws. That’s what they brace for whenever their children or grandchildren head out for a playdate or sleepover. That’s why they’re here, in a store where dozens of handguns and Armalite rifles line the walls like cereal boxes in a grocery store.

They’re not here to debate the Second Amendment. Not to advocate for gun confiscation. Not to shame folks for legally buying or selling guns. They’ve come to listen, to learn and to leave knowing better how to encourage responsible gun owners to store and secure their weapons. For the next 90 minutes, Ondrasek runs through the basics, demonstrating a range of gun locks — from plastic devices that come free in the box to an $800 steel safe. He shows locks that need a key and biometric models that open with a fingerprint. He explains why some sportsmen prefer AR models and that some hunters purchase silencers so as not to scare away feral hogs and other prey.  [full article]

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