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TX – SELF-PROTECTION – Fort Hood sergeant says he shot and killed armed Black Lives Matter protestor

An active-duty Army sergeant from Fort Hood says he was the one who shot and killed a man at a Black Lives Matter protest in Austin, Texas, last weekend, according to the sergeant’s attorney.

Sgt. Daniel Perry said he fired at Garrett Foster out of self-defense after Foster allegedly raised an assault rifle toward Perry, according to a statement from the attorney obtained by The Washington Post.

According to the statement, Perry was driving for a ride-share company in downtown Austin on the night of July 25 when he turned a corner toward a protest he did not know was taking place.

At that point, the attorney says protesters began beating on Perry’s car. Foster then allegedly approached the car window holding an assault rifle.

The attorney said that Foster gestured with the gun for the driver to roll down the window, and Perry did so because he “initially believed the person was associated with law enforcement.”

Perry realized Foster was not an officer, after which Foster allegedly raised his rifle at Perry. The attorney said Perry perceived that as “a threat to his life” and fired at Foster using a handgun he kept in his car.  [full article]

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