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TX – SELF-PROTECTION – Is carrying a gun during a protest legal? Explaining Texas firearm laws (VIDEOS)

Tensions were running high during a protest of police brutality Saturday night in Downtown Austin, leading to a shooting that left one man dead. As investigators piece together exactly what happened that lead to the death of Garrett Foster, they didn’t initially file charges against two people known to have shot their guns. “Our investigators consulted through the night with the Travis County District Attorney’s Office and will continue to coordinate this investigation with them,” said Austin Police Chief Brian Manley during a virtual news conference.”Both individuals did possess a concealed handgun license,” Manley added. Chapter 411, Subchapter H, of the Texas Government Code outlines the rules and requirements for licenses to carry a handgun. With a few exceptions, a licensed handgun owner can carry their weapon out in the open or concealed, that includes in a car, as the driver was in this case. Handguns can also be carried by licensed Texans at protests in public areas, as was the case for the second shooter. Police say the man who was killed was carrying an AK-47 style gun. Texas does not prohibit the carrying of a shotgun or rifle in public and you don’t need a license to have one. Texas lawmakers have the power to change that, but they haven’t.  [full article]

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