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TX – SELF-PROTECTION – Lawmakers pushing to allow concealed weapons in Texas public schools (VIDEO)

BEAUMONT, Texas — A bill proposed by a Texas Republican senator is one of several aiming to address school safety. The bill would expand a Texas law passed in 2015. If approved, the expansion would allow concealed guns in public schools.

It would also allow licensed adults to carry weapons in public and charter schools. This is getting several mixed responses across Southeast Texas.

The bill was proposed by senator Bob Hall, R-Texas. Hall wants to expand the state’s marshal program, which allows properly trained staff members to carry guns on campus. The expansion would determine who can carry and on what campuses. The original marshal program grants some permission to carry and one Southeast Texas school has already implemented that program.
In 2018, Lumberton ISD adopted a new policy: employees on campus can carry concealed handguns. Back then, some supported the decision. “A good guy with a gun is better than a bad guy with a gun,” Lowell Myers said. But reactions were mixed in 2018. And now in 2021, with an expansion on the table, opinions still remain divided.  [full article]

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