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TX – Shooting Sports – She’s a YouTube sensation and NRA darling: Meet 9-year-old sharpshooter ‘Alpha Addy’

LOS ANGELES TIMES  May 6, 2018 – The gap-toothed 9-year-old girl walked the floor of her first National Rifle Assn. convention, her blond ponytail bobbing above earrings fashioned from bullet casings. When Addysson “Addy” Soltau arrived at the Smith & Wesson booth, she gravitated to a sleek silver .22 semiautomatic Victory pistol, a James Bond-style gun with a silencer attached. It was just out of reach. So her godfather lifted it from the wall and handed it to the girl, who gripped and sighted along the gun like a pro. She already shoots an M&P 15-22 rifle.   [full article]

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