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TX – SHOT SHOW – Walker’s® expands its Silencer line with Bluetooth Connectivity

MEDIA DIRECT January 22, 2018 – Walker’s® – The industry pioneer in hearing protection and enhancement introduces the new Silencer BT – High performance digital ear buds with integrated Bluetooth technology including smart phone app control.

The Silencer BT’s allows for the streaming of music as well as phone calls. The free Walker’s app pairs with the ear buds to allow for independent volume adjustment of each ear, monitor battery level, adjust program modes and configure auto shutoff time.

The modern sound enhancement features are taken to next level with four selectable modes. Universal mode is tuned for over all amplification while Speech Clarity mode is specifically tuned to reduce ambient noise & focus on enhancing vocal frequencies providing a valuable tool where clear communication is critical. High frequency & Power boost modes provide additional options for tuning the Silencer BT to hear exactly what you need to. Navigating the various modes is effortless thanks to programmed voice prompts, taking the guesswork out of know which mode you are in.

The Silencer BT incorporates the next generation of SAC (Sound Activated Compression) by utilizing Variable Dynamic Sound Suppression that automatically adjusts the compression time based on the power level of the potentially damaging noise. This helps to deliver the optimum hearing protection in any situation.

The rechargeable Silencer BT’s come housed in a USB charging dock with integrated lithium battery for easy charging on the go or in the field. The set includes three sizes of Sure-Lock™ sizing fins and three sizes of foam tips for a customized, sealed fit.

Walker’s – Protect it or Lose it.

Silencer Ear Buds features:

•       Advanced Digital Circuit
•       Performance digital Bluetooth
•       Rechargeable – USB charging dock, up to 3 full charges
•       Program Settings
•       Universal
•       Speech Clarity Mode
•       Hi frequency
•       Power Boost
•       Dynamic Wind Noise Reduction
•       Variable Gunshot Suppression
•       Auto Shut Off
•       Voice Prompts
•       USB Charging dock with integrated Lithium Battery
•       USB Cable included
•       Includes 3 sizes of Sure-Lock™ sizing fins and 3 sizes of foam tips
•       MSRP: $299.99
•       MAP: $249.99

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