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TX – TRAINING – Texas church shooting: This police force offers free handgun licensing courses to churches (VIDEO)

After a shooting at a Texas church that left two dead, a local police department is renewing its offer to help train churchgoers with free handgun licensing courses. The Aransas Pass Police Department currently offers free firearm training to city residents, immediate relatives of city employees and local business owners and employees, and wants to extend that opportunity to churches. “It’s something we continue to offer and have been over the past several years, but we’re specifically targeting churches that might be interested in arming their parishioners based off of recent events in North Texas,” Police Chief Eric Blanchard said. Blanchard said the department’s three instructors have trained over 2,000 people in civilian response training in the past few years. Three churches have reached out to the department for training so far, and Blanchard said he hopes to organize a church-only event to train parishioners to stop attacks in a realistic setting.  [full article]

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