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TX – WILDLIFE – Woods, Waters, and Wildlife: Go Hog Wild

Every year about this time, some men and women go into something akin to mild depression. And please don’t think I’m belittling the post combat malady known as PTSD when I call it “After Hunting Season Downer”, or “AHSD”. PTSD is a sad, serious affliction, that’s affected many of our troops – male and female – and requires extensive professional therapy. I can’t talk without tearing up about one lady-veteran I met on a Wounded Warrior Hunt. I pray she has recovered. HSD is the letdown that some hunters experience when the last hunting season ends. (All deer seasons have closed except on Managed Lands Permit properties.) Its major symptom is lack of interest in doing much of anything. Some look forward to turkey season as a salve. The South Texas season opens Mar. 20; the North Zone Apr. 3. Some counties don’t open until Apr. 1, and the East Texas eastern turkey season doesn’t open until Apr. 22. Check the TPW Outdoor Annual for counties.

But you don’t have to wait that long for help. You could hunt feral hogs tonight as long as you have a hunting license and the landowner’s permission. There are no bag limits nor weapon restrictions. Some birds are taken with archery equipment, a few with pistols, and many with rifles ranging from .223 caliber to much heavier calibers. Suit yourself, but remember Robert Ruark’s admonition: “Use Enough Gun!” Hogs can be dangerous. On a new lease a few years ago, I was told to always carry a pistol because of heavy hog populations. Most of us packed .357s or .40 S&Ws. An article this month in a Texas outdoor magazine was written by a bow hunter who was charged by a wounded hog and fired several .40 S&W rounds before hitting its brain. The hog died right at his feet. I’m not sure I could have gotten off that many rounds at a charging hog with a revolver, although the first one I killed was with a .45 Colt. Thankfully, I only had to fire once.  [full article]


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