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UT – GUN SAFETY – Boogaloo group planning Sunday armed rally at Utah Capitol 

Other right-wing groups are staying away, claiming the anti-government group are “bad actors” who want to “incite violence.” Tyson Reese said he sees no reason to storm the Utah Capitol during an armed demonstration he planned for Sunday and doesn’t anticipate any sort of violence. Yet other groups — which were represented Wednesday when hundreds gathered at the Utah Capitol on the same day a pro-Donald Trump mob stormed the U.S. Capitol — want nothing to do with the event. Organizers with Utah Patriots, who’d planned a pro-gun rally at the same time as Reese’s event, canceled Tuesday and warned people to stay away because they say “bad actors” are planning to “incite violence and frame patriots for it.” “We were informed that a separate group obtained permits prior to us,” according to an email from Utah Patriots, “and as the goals of that group are in significant conflict with our own, we do not wish to associate with them or lend credibility to their event.”  [full article]

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