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UT – GUN SHOWS – Federal background check required in gun shows taking place in Salt Lake County facilities (VIDEOS)

A new requirement for gun sales was announced Monday that will require a federal background check. Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson said at a morning press conference that a federal background check will now be required for anyone purchasing a firearm at a gun show in Salt Lake County’s Mountain America Expo Center. The new rule also applies to any gun sales made throughout all county-owned facilities. Wilson said the move was made to close a “gun show loophole” — a political term referring to the sale of firearms by private sellers, including those done at gun shows that do not meet federal background check requirements. Wilson said she has been in contact with gun show producers so they know that gun sales without background checks will no longer be exempt. The new rule goes into effect Jan. 1, 2020. In 2012, Utah enacted a law prohibiting the transfer of a firearm to a person that the seller knows is prohibited under Utah law from possessing firearms. Utah prohibits the sale of any firearm to a person under age 18 unless he or she is accompanied by a parent or guardian.  [view source]

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