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UT – TRAINING – Utah educators aim to stop school shooters with unique firearms training course (VIDEO)

Some Utah teachers felt at home on the range Tuesday: the firing range. It was part of a unique tactical firearm training program for educators that made its Utah debut at the Lee Kay Shooting Range. It’s called the FASTER Saves Lives program and their aim is to be ready if an active shooter ever chooses their campus. They ask that we don’t show their faces – so they don’t potentially become targets themselves. One woman works at a local elementary school. “In my position, I am in charge of a lot of little people,” she told ABC4 News. “Being armed is very dangerous if you don’t know how to appropriately use the device or what is our best case. What’s best to do in each situation and I think something like this can provide us that opportunity.” This is the first time the FASTER program has come to Utah. It was started in Ohio after 26 people were killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre in Connecticut. Jeff Staggs is a FASTER instructor and the superintendent of a school district in Ohio. “As educators, we felt helpless,” Staggs said. “You know ‘Could this happen in my school? What am I going to do if it does?’ and this program gives them a tool to help them.” In addition to marksmanship, the course teaches tactical strategy, gunshot wound first aid and mental preparation to face a lethal threat.  [full article]

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