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VA – EDITORIAL – Another View: Thankful for a rally without incident

Virginia breathed a sigh of relief on Tuesday, one day after gun control opponents dominated the traditional Lobby Day affair — massing an estimated 22,000 people at the Capitol to protest several proposed gun control measures before the General Assembly. There’s plenty of credit to go around for that, but what matters today is that the event was not a repeat of the ugly violence in Charlottesville more than two years ago. And for that, every Virginian should be thankful. Vocal opposition to gun control has been simmering across the commonwealth since November, when Democrats won majorities in the House and Senate. The election came four months after the previous legislature, with Republican majorities in both chambers, adjourned a special session about gun violence only 90 minutes after it convened. At a time when Virginians were calling for tighter controls on firearms access and purchasing, GOP leaders balked. November’s election, in which all 140 seats in the assembly were on the ballot, became a de facto referendum on gun control. Recognizing that a Democratic legislature, backed by Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam, would likely follow the will of voters and pass gun control measures, opponents mobilized locally to lobby city councils and county boards to refuse compliance. According to the Virginia Citizens Defense League, the most vocal commonwealth-based gun rights group, 136 counties, independent cities and towns have adopted some form of a “Second Amendment Sanctuary” resolution, or otherwise affirmed that they support the Constitution.  [full article]

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