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VA – GUN CONTROL – 36 Virginia residents’ firearms seized under ‘red flag’ law

A new “red flag” gun confiscation law in Virginia has led to the seizure of 36 resident’s firearms since the law went into effect on July 1. After being passed by Virginia’s Democrat-controlled General Assembly in a partisan decision, Virginia judges have issued 26 temporary and 10 permanent substantial risk orders across the state in July and August, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported. The red flag law prohibits residents from purchasing or owning a firearm if a judge decides the resident would be a danger to himself or others. It also allows police to confiscate a person’s already legally-owned firearms if such a court order is made. A resident can contest the ruling in court, but a judge can extend the suspension for 180-day intervals indefinitely. According to The Winchester Star, one of the cases involved a man in Frederick County whose firearms were seized under a temporary substantial risk order. The firearms were returned despite a prosecutor’s attempt to extend the order permanently. Earlier this month, the man testified in court that his family lied to obtain the order against him, and lied to police about pulling a pistol on his son.  [full article]

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