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VA – GUN CONTROL – Here’s a look at gun control bills making their way through the Virginia House

A bill aiming to ban those who have been convicted of assault and battery of a family member from owning a gun is making its’ way through the General Assembly. House Bill 1992 would make it a Class 1 misdemeanor. It’s expected to be heard at a House Public Safety Committee Friday morning. Lawmakers say this bill will speed up COVID-19 vaccinations as Virginia lags behind other states. A number of other gun control bills are expected to be heard including HB 2295 which would make it a Class 1 misdemeanor for someone to carry a firearm or stun weapon within Capitol Square and the surrounding area. Any state-owned building, parking lot or building where the General Assembly meets would apply. Law enforcement, court officers, security personnel and active military personnel would be exempt. HB 1909 would allow a school board to ban guns on its’ property. It would also ban anyone from knowingly possessing, buying or carrying a firearm and ammunition while on that property. Law enforcement officers and qualified retired law enforcement officers would be exempt.  [full article]

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