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VA – GUN CONTROL – ‘We have two lives lost’: Families push for gun rental background checks after back-to-back suicides (VIDEO)

Within a period of five days last July, two Hanover men who didn’t know one another, each took their lives at Green Top Shooting Range in Hanover County. Both men had been committed to mental health institutions, multiple times before. Regardless, after filling out a form at the indoor gun range, the firearms were rented and put into the hands of two mentally unstable people. No laws were broken by the shooting range. Neither federal nor state law requires a background check for gun rentals, if the weapon remains on the property. It’s something the families of the two men are now fighting to change. Jon-Christian Carroll, 21, and Aaron Prude, 27, rented weapons while not indicating on the waiver form they signed, that they shouldn’t be in possession of guns. No follow-up background check was done by range employees, since requesting a VCheck through Virginia State Police’s system is only done during a weapons purchase. The parents of both men say their sons would not have passed a background check. ‘Jon Jon’ Carroll had been involuntarily committed to two different institutions in Central Virginia for mental health reasons, upon returning home from the military last year. Prude was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, since he was 17 years old.  [full article]

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