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VA – GUN CONTROL – ‘We’re not going to play along with this’: Gun rally organizer calling for peace ahead of Monday (VIDEO)

Thousands of supporters of the Second Amendment are expected to show up in front of the Capitol Building Square on Monday for a gun rally put on by the Virginia Citizen Defense League (VACDL). The Organizer Philip Van Cleave President of the VACDL, says this rally is necessary because supporters of the Second Amendment are angry at the gun reform legislation being discussed in the General Assembly. “We’re saying no to all of that. I don’t care if you’re taking my guns or the next generation’s guns – we’re not doing it. We’re not going to play along with this,” said Van Cleave. “It’s a war on people like me and other law-abiding gun owners and we’re tired of this stuff.” Van Cleave says the Citizen Defense League holds gun rallies every year with most of them being held in front of the Capitol. Van Cleave says the organization is used to seeing serval hundreds of people each rally, but they expect Monday’s Rally to reach numbers in the thousands.

“We’ve done this since 2003, every year always peaceful, not one incident,” said Van Cleave, “We’re believing on the low end 50,000 and on the high end about 120,000 people. While Philip Van Cleave is calling for peace ahead of Monday’s gun rally, Governor Ralph Northam says he isn’t taking any chances; citing state agencies who say they’ve received credible threats ahead of Monday’s Rally. Northam is declaring a State of Emergency for the city beginning Friday and running through Tuesday.  [full article]

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