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VA – GUN NEWS – Roanoke bans guns on city property, will end gun shows at Berglund Center

Roanoke banned guns from city buildings, parks, recreation and community centers and other municipal property Monday.

Gun shows eventually will be prohibited at the Berglund Center, though one or more such events already under contract can go forward, city spokeswoman Tiffany Bradbury said. In addition, events that require a city permit will fall under the gun ban, with some exceptions. The ban won’t apply to parades that involve a display of arms or living history reenactments, as long as the only weapons present are not operational.

The Roanoke City Council approved the guns ban in a 6-1 vote, with Stephanie Moon-Reynolds voting no. Public comments before the vote appeared to lean in favor of seeing the city restrict guns at a time of spiking gun violence in some neighborhoods.

The ordinance took immediate effect and will be enforced once signs are posted, Bradbury said. Violation of the measure would be a misdemeanor.  [full article]

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