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VA – GUN POLITICS – Mike Bloomberg Went All-In on Virginia. It Didn’t Pay Off.

Since Mike Bloomberg jumped late into the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, his entire campaign has been a grand political experiment predicated on a single question: Can the former New York City mayor’s immense wealth and record of philanthropy for progressive causes allow him to upend the traditional primary process, secure the nomination, and enable him to go on to beat Trump? There’s a reason, after all, that Bloomberg launched his presidential campaign in a small diner in Norfolk, Virginia, in late November last year. Just weeks earlier, the state made history when Democrats swept into majority control of the state legislature, marking the first time the party has had full command of the state government in more than 25 years. Bloomberg, or at least his money, was a big reason for that. Following that launch, he spent half a billion dollars of his own money to make damn sure that everyone in the 14 Super Tuesday states—including Virginia!—knew it. Now the votes are in and we finally know how this experiment is going: Not that well, it turns out. While results are still rolling in, Bloomberg seems poised for a big loss in Virginia, in line for a third or fourth finish, while Biden is projected to win by a lot—an outcome that’s especially significant and a less-than-ideal sign for the rest of Bloomberg’s campaign. Of the Super Tuesday states, the Old Dominion was uniquely situated to measure the true power of Bloomberg.  [full article]

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