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VA – GUN POLITICS – No, Joe, Your Gun Ban Didn’t Work.”

Joe Biden has been out on the primary campaign trail working hard. Maybe a little too hard. “We got to let them know who we are,” he recently told a crowd of supporters at the Iowa State Fair. Perhaps the most accurate of the qualities he used to describe himself and his fellow travelers was “We choose truth over facts!” That much we know, Joe. And while Biden’s statement may sound like an amusing gaffe, the truth that matters to many in the anti-gun movement isn’t the truth but their truth. Case in point, Biden also recently lent his name to an editorial in the New York Times in which he claimed “Banning Assault Weapons Works.” He was, to use modern activist terminology, “speaking his truth.” But in doing so, he was ignoring the facts. Biden claimed in his editorial that “with Senator Dianne Feinstein I led the effort to enact the 1994 law that banned assault weapons and high-capacity magazines for 10 years” and that “[t]hose gun safety reforms made our nation demonstrably more secure.” In fact, the “assault weapon” ban Biden championed in 1994 contained a provision that required the U.S. attorney general to “investigate and study the effect” of the law, with an emphasis on its “impact, if any, on violent and drug trafficking crime.” Thereafter came not one, but two, detailed studies commissioned by the U.S. Department of Justice. Neither concluded that Biden’s “assault weapon” ban had any demonstrable effect on reducing violent crime.  [full article]

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