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VA – GUN POLITICS – One Virginia lawmaker has an idea for a gun law that might actually pass

As the Democratic governor and GOP legislators square off for a repeat of the usual gun legislation at next month’s post-Virginia Beach mass shooting special session, one Peninsula lawmaker wants to float an entirely new idea. Del. David Yancey, R-Newport News, says that when he talks to police and prosecutors about guns, they tell him they need more tools to crack down on gun-theft rings and the black market in stolen firearms. And one tool they told him that wish they had is one federal law enforcement agencies have used for seven decades. It is the power to ask judges to cut convicts’ sentences if, once in prison, if those offenders give police the information needed to bring drug-smugglers, gun-runners and other organized criminals to justice. “I think this could help,” Yancey said, adding that in his experience, most gun crime in Newport News and many other communities involves stolen weapons. “You’ll see someone crashing a car into a pawnshop and clean out all the guns, then those guns end up on the street,” he said. “When I coach rugby, I’ve got kids who say: ‘Look coach, I know where to get guns,’” he added.  [full article]

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