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VA – GUN POLITICS – Va. Senate committee strikes ‘assault weapons’ bill, advances other proposed gun laws (VIDEO)

As debate raged across Virginia on Thursday over a State of Emergency declared by Gov. Ralph Northam, upheld in court, that bans weapons in Capitol Square during a planned gun rights rally, the Virginia Senate advanced a number of gun control bills that have been among top priorities for Democrats. Earlier this week, the Senate Judiciary Committee made waves by killing controversial Senate Bill 16, which would have re-defined and banned assault bills, while passing several other gun bills. On Thursday, the full Virginia Senate passed those bills as well. First is SB 70, which would establish mandatory background checks for any transfer of firearms, including private sales. That bill, amid the priorities outlined in Gov. Northam’s agenda for the 2020 session, passed the Senate on 23-17 vote, with two Republicans joining Democrats to support it. It exempts transfers between immediate family members and by estate administrators, as well as transfers during lawful activities at shooting ranges or similar spaces designed for target practice. It also exempts temporary transfers that occur while the owner is present or are necessary to prevent death or bodily harm. Additionally, it allows transfers of antique firearms, transfers that are part of a buy-back or give-back program and those that occur by operation of law.  [full article]

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