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VA – GUN RIGHTS – Fauquier’s 2nd Amendment resolution highlights need for collaboration

Does the answer to gun violence lie in reshaping gun laws? That’s the question at the heart of debate currently roiling Virginia as Democrats prepare to take control of the state government for the first time in more than two decades. Democrats promised they’d pass “commonsense gun control measures” if voters gave them the majority in the General Assembly. Gov. Ralph Northam (D) has been discussing a handful of bills since the May 31Virginia Beach mass shooting: mandating universal background checks for gun purchases; allowing judges to remove weapons from those deemed dangerous to themselves or others, and reinstating Virginia’s previous one-handgun-a-month rule – all measures that had been defeated in previous years by a handful of GOP lawmakers in legislative subcommittees. But in an example of our state’s dysfunction in dealing with gun violence, a special session on gun safety was called off after just 90 minutes, costing taxpayers about $45,000 while accomplishing nothing. Now, our state is dealing with yet another symptom of governing dysfunction: the rise of the “Second Amendment sanctuary” movement. So far, about 40 Virginia localities have passed varying resolutions, most of which declare themselves “sanctuaries” from local enforcement of whatever new gun regulations are approved in Richmond. Already, Attorney General Mark Herring (D) has declared the “Second Amendment sanctuary” declarations functionally meaningless. They are merely statements of opposition by some residents to new gun regulations but in no way prevent a “sanctuary” county’s residents from having to comply with the law. As Sheriff Bob Mosier has said, it is law enforcement’s job to enforce the law, not decide which laws to enforce.  [full article]

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