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VA – GUN RIGHTS – King George crowd cheers supervisors’ support of gun rights

After the King George boardroom reached capacity at 160 people, hundreds of others waited outside Tuesday night to express their support for the rural county becoming a Second Amendment sanctuary. Most of those in the audience—and the parking lot—wore bright orange stickers proclaiming that “Guns SAVE Lives.” Some also sported camouflage hats and coats, accessories definitely needed outside as temperatures dipped into the 30s. Residents lingered in the cold for 2 1/2 hours until the Board of Supervisors unanimously passed the resolution, which stated that officials would refuse to enforce any unconstitutional gun laws. Twenty-three speakers—21 of them in favor of the resolution—commented during the one-hour period that Board of Supervisors Chairman Jeff Bueche allotted for input. Residents quoted from the constitutions of the United States and Virginia and invoked the names of patriots George Mason and James Madison. Born in King George, Madison authored amendments that protected individual liberties which later became the Bill of Rights.  [full article]

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