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VA – GUN RIGHTS – Madison Minutemen militia marching forward

Plans for the Madison Minutemen are moving forward, but without support from locally elected officials. During last week’s Madison County Board of Supervisors meeting, Madison County citizen Matthew Hooser presented the board with a resolution seeking support for establishment of the Madison County Minutemen Quick Reaction Force, an unorganized militia allowed under title 44, chapter one of the Code of Virginia. The force would be a group of law-abiding citizens volunteering to protect and support the county in times of crisis including natural disasters, war and the infringement upon the rights of citizens. Hooser said the resolution would give the county oversight of the group, with members undergoing background checks. The militia movement was born out of the 2A movement, which successfully encouraged more than 100 Virginia counties, including Madison and Culpeper, to declare themselves second amendment sanctuaries. “The 2A movement was a really powerful movement,” Hooser said. “It led us to voice our opposition to the state government and let them know the people of the state of Virginia do not care for the actions that are coming out of the state government right now. But we all know that was just a feel good resolution per se. “There’s no teeth. That was essentially the seed of the tree of liberty being planted. What this will do now is make sure that seed takes root so that if something were to occur in the state that we are opposed to, we can have a reasonable reaction to stand up and defend our county and the rights for the citizens of this county.”  [full article]

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