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VA – GUN RIGHTS – Park-goers claim to be threatened by people cleaning Richmond monument while holding guns (VIDEO)

People claiming to be with the City of Richmond were trying to clean the Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument at Libby Hill Park on Sunday afternoon, but residents of the area said the people cleaning only brought fear as they held guns — and said that they would use them. Sister station 8News spoke to people at the monument who said the group cleaning was threatening people — claiming they said if anyone confronted them, they would shoot. Laura Lemus and her family were trying to spend a day in the park, but said it quickly became more concerning and scary. “I wasn’t sure what was going to happen,” Lemus said. “I didn’t know if the threats were real or if they were just trying to threaten people to make us scared — so that nobody would try to stop them.” 8News received one video that you could hear the group cleaning say that they came in peace — but now the police were called and the group left shortly after speaking to them as rain began to come down.  [view source]

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